Mobile Meter Exchanges for the Stadtwerke Aalen

The Stadtwerke Aalen GmbH is a municipal energy service provider. The company supplies residents of the city of Aalen and surrounding areas with power, natural gas, heat, and water, and coordinates the exchanging of meters. 

There is currently a trend toward the exchange of normal meters for intelligent meters - so-called smart meters. The exchange process happens on the customer's premises - and consists of several steps: The making of an appointment, confirmation, meter exchange, and documentation. Therefore, for the Stadtwerke, the question is how can the service and sales force employees be assisted sensibly during the exchange process?

movento has implemented the mobile solution ISEC7 Mobility for SAP and adapted it to the requirements of the Stadtwerke Aalen. Employees can thus access CRM, ERP, and workflow by SAP when they are on the road: The service technician on-site sees the open orders, can check the material availability directly, and record and forward data for the customer's meter exchange directly. Furthermore meter numbers and bar codes can be scanned or documented with images and digital signatures obtained. The data for the orders is managed in the office via a cockpit.

Therefore, not only the meter exchange, but all service processes, from order recording to completion in SAP can be mapped on the go and thus much more quickly. 

Posted on July 15, 2015 .