Premiere at the SAP Forum 2016: The movento WineShelf

Innovation at the SAP Forum in Basel: A wine shelf that weighs approximately 100 kg that has been joined, screwed together, and soldered in secret. The movento WineShelf is made of old oak, it is 220x180x50 cm, and could only be moved to Basel with a special transporter. 

The design, the clear lines, and choice of sophisticated materials made the shelf a star of the SAP trade show. In the background was a technology that connects the online and offline worlds: Omni-Channel, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing all in one.   

This intelligent shelf helps customers and wine salespeople: 

Real-time wine recommendations directly from the shelf

What was the wine that I bought last time called, the one that went so well with the rare steak? And especially: how do I find this wine again in the flood of wines in the supermarket?

The movento WineShelf will lead you directly to the wine you are seeking. Here's how it works: 

  1. Log into the terminal with your loyalty card
  2. Your personal wine universe will be displayed, including orders, favorites, and personal tasting notes. 
  3. As soon as the right wine is selected, the desired wine lights up in the shelf.

The search in front of the shelf and the reading of small signs is thus no longer necessary. The terminal also provides all relevant information about the wine, such as drinking maturity, the right dishes, and customer ratings. 

Cork alarm –  when the wine smells like cellar instead of plums

Did you buy wine that tastes like cork? Customer service will help you quickly and easily: 

  1. Customers are detected automatically by the system on the customer service tablet. 
  2. In the cloud-based system, the customer service employee sees all information about your wine preferences – and also the appropriate order/delivery with all order details. 
  3. The customer service employee marks the appropriate wine as a return. 
  4. Now a ticket with all details is created. 
  5. In the system, the employee sees at a glance whether he can be of additional help to the customer. For example, he sees whether one of his favorite wines is currently on sale. The appropriate wine is then displayed directly on the shelf. 

A great trade show with exciting visits

It was extremely exciting to listen to the visitors and gain new impressions. A few creative people stood in front of the shelf and were already developing new ideas for their own business model. And for some, a light bulb went off, for with the digital wine bottle, enjoyment does not have to be cut short: The wine customer experience is enriched to include another enjoyable experience. Visitors’ lit-up eyes showed us that - namely each time their favorite wine lit up in neon-colored LED on the WineShelf. 

Posted on March 14, 2016 .