MULTIVAC – Increased customer satisfaction, better service

MULTIVAC is an expert when it comes to packaging: Its product range includes packaging machines, automation components, and marking and inspection systems.

movento has completed two projects for MULTIVAC: An individual solution for the service sector and the introduction of a sales methodology in the CRM system.


With movento, the company introduced a service cockpit with telephone integration (CTI integration). The service employees recognize the customers immediately when they call and can thus serve them personally. Service inquiries are answered quickly and information about spare parts and service contracts is now available around the clock. The handling of warranties and fair dealing in complaint management were also part of the service project: now it is clearly regulated what happens in case of a complaint and who is responsible for it. Each step is documented seamlessly within the complaint. Thanks to the linking of the CRM and ERP system, employees can always keep an eye on data from both systems. 


The second project relates to sales at MULTIVAC. With movento’s assistance, a sales methodology was introduced, which: 

  • Based on the CRM system, systematically determines the sales opportunities
  • Structures the sales process and provides a guideline for the salesperson
  • Assists the salesperson in analyzing the customer's needs more precisely
  • Provides well-founded data for evaluations and forecasts around the clock; with this data it is possible to optimize the production planning, for example. 
  • Provides key information for the long-term control and improvement of sales success

“Our goal was to focus sales, optimize customer orientation, and thus increase sales success in the long term. We have succeeded, in that we have structured sales flows and we now pursue customers’ needs consistently,” explains Dr. Jens Müller, Vice President Sales and Operations Central Europe at MULTIVAC.