Lubricant for Customer Relationships

Motul specializes in the development, production, and sale of high-tech motor oils for vehicles and industrial lubricants. Headquartered in Paris, with branch offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the USA, Motul is a leader in the lubricants industry on an international level. The company wants to hold onto this "pole position" in the long term  with uniform international sales and service processes.  

This international corporate group faces the special challenge of guaranteeing uniform and outstanding customer support in all group companies. But how can the customer-relevant processes be combined and unified in order to reinforce cooperation in all areas with customer contact?

Record requirements, set priorities, define processes
To achieve these goals, Trilog and movento brought an international team of people responsible for sales and marketing together. The goal was to define uniform processes that would be used by everybody from a variety of ideas and desires. The project team was composed of participants from Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. Therefore, it was important from the very beginning to encourage the cooperation of employees from different areas and locations. 

The team took up the many challenges, weighed alternatives, determined priorities, and finally defined processes. This was not always easy, for the customer-related workflows varied a great deal in the various countries.

Technological implementation of the processes
The requirements for a solution for mapping the processes were also complex: The system should be implemented group-wide, be accepted quickly and easily by the more than 300 users, and thus become an indispensable instrument for everyday work.

It quickly became clear that international cooperation works best with a cloud-based CRM solution, because then every user can access relevant data easily and flexibly from all over – and SAP Cloud for Customer was persuasive. For it is not only central data storage that is an important component of the application, but also its intuitive operation, which simplifies usage. 


Posted on June 8, 2015 .