Mobile trade show lead management: Exploit sales opportunities better and faster

Mobile digital lead entry integrated into SAP CRM

Did your trade show team give it all the've got once again, only to have a majority of the leads acquired entered only too late or not at all by Sales? Poorly-completed lead sheets, time-consuming data entry, and delayed lead reports are the frequent consequence.

With mobile trade show lead management, you can optimize your trade show execution and follow-up. Losing information during lead entry and slow trade show follow-up are thus finally a thing of the past. The mobile application movento click & optimize™ trade show management will assist you with the entire lead entry process - from first contact to the handover to Sales:
Already at the trade show, you employees enter the conversation data into a mobile lead sheet on the iPad. Fields such as origin of the lead and responsible employee can be defined in advance. The contact data is scanned directly from the business card or the bar code on the visitor pass; a contact in SAP CRM is created with the touch of a button. The employee enters conversation information on-site, the entry is made easier with quick-entry fields for products and services. After the conversation, the lead lands directly in Sales and it can be pursued immediately from there. This is how you can generate sales quickly from trade show leads.

Your advantages:

-          Business card scan with text recognition
-          Entry of the bar code on the visitor pass
-          Takeover of information from e-mail signatures
-          Automatic creation of contacts in SAP CRM, optionally with doubles checking
-          Automatic lead reporting to Sales
-          Mobile lead sheet with quick-entry fields (e.g. product details)
-          Trade show lead sheet with pre-populated data (e.g. origin, responsible employee)
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Posted on June 30, 2014 .