Integrated instead of fragmented: Combine e-mail marketing and CRM profitably

E-mail marketing is an important tool for addressing customers – this applies for both B2C and B2B. The success of a campaign stands and falls thanks to personalized addressing with context-related and individualized content. 

But it's precisely this that presents a great challenge to the advertiser: Customer data for personalization is often stored, but usually in different systems without a connection between the data sources. 

Due precisely to the isolated data silos, information about the customer's behavior and interests gained from the campaign is lost: which e-mails did the customer open, which hyperlink did he click, which newsletter did he subscribe to?

In short, the connection of the data silos is important so that the company's digital experience initiative succeeds. Only if the isolated systems are networked with one another can the solutions display their respective strengths and will the positive effect be reflected in the customer experience.

In the whitepaper you find an overview on appropriate options for the software architecture when choosing an E-Mail-Software and what you should be aware of. To download the Whitepaper, please fill in the contact form - you will then receive the Download-Link.

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Posted on November 25, 2015 .