Customer experience requires all hands on deck - is your company ready for this?

Customer requirements are changing
Who still remembers the good old Otto catalog? Orders were placed by telephone or fax. That was the contact with the company. Today's customers behave differently. They are active on several channels, even simultaneously. They are always online, connected digitally and networked socially. This way they can get any information they need about a company's products quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Experiences of like-minded people, the “people like me,” are becoming increasingly important. This is what the “Edelman Trust Barometer Study 2017” revealed. Thus, the dependency of customers on marketing and sales is decreasing. Trust in advisors, salespeople, and managers is also decreasing. The same applies to B2B and B2C.
As a result, it is ever more important to customers to get context-relevant information about companies. But here there is frequently a problem: IT environments are sharply fragmented with a wide variety of systems and channels. The consequence is inconsistent, duplicated data and broken processes. In the “information jungle,” customers frequently lose their overview and the information they are able to find is not necessarily relevant. For example, Google found out that 99.8% of all advertisements are ignored. In the end, the unclear infrastructure creates a poor customer experience, which results in measurably declining sales figures and decreased customer loyalty. Therefore, the keyword for companies is integration.

The integrated system environment
The ideal system environment requires increased networking in all areas. This means there must be a uniform platform that connects company systems (marketing/sales/service), integration services, analytics, AI, machine learning, and data systems with one another. With such a system, it is possible to record signals from customers and other stakeholders and to ensure the necessary personalization for optimization with the help of a machine learning layer. For only with the constant learning of “intelligent systems” can the systems improve and assist companies in guaranteeing relevant information on all channels.

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What does movento recommend for your success?
From experience, we know: You have to take four aspects into account to achieve the ideal case as well as possible. Concentrate on a strong platform, direct stakeholder participation, prioritization, and data.
A strong platform is the core of fast business processes. Offer a selection of different touch points. The end user can thus be incorporated directly into the process. This is the key for providing information and creating value. This information, supported by solid data, can be used to prioritize and regularly reformulate your strategies. This way, you guarantee consistently context-relevant Engagement!

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Posted on July 31, 2017 and filed under Customer.