Customer Experience - or why CRM was just the beginning...

Have you found yourself in the following situation?
Your sales employees question the added value of your company-internal CRM system almost every day. Employees do not document customer visits and contacts continuously when they are on the road and the CRM solution is not offline-capable. Poorly-maintained data and insufficient data quality are the result. This is also noticeable In cooperation with other departments; for example, current data for marketing campaigns may be missing. 
The marketing department has therefore held fast to the Newsletter software introduced years ago and is convinced that cooperation with sales is only possible to a limited extent. Campaigns and newsletters are created using a parallel system, data is saved twice and not synchronized. 
And your service employees are increasingly irritated that they have no comprehensive overview of previous customer communication. As a result, they cannot react individually to current customer problems and they are not able to participate actively in the sales cycle. 
In short: “Silo thinking” has established itself at your company. This is not just a feature of your front-office areas; it also affects all back-office areas. Real-time information is thus a fantasy and your reports & dashboards are already out-of-date when you create them. Fact-based, correct decisions are almost impossible to make.

Is this scenario familiar? Have you given up hope? Keep calm...
Leave behind the world of isolated island solutions, antiquated user interfaces, lacking mobility, out-of-date reports, and high IT maintenance costs. With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, movento is using the latest SAP technologies, which you can use to gain a complete picture of your customers so that the customer journey becomes a successful one. 

Integrated processes and extensive functions
Because it is a centralized platform, SAP Hybrid Cloud for Customer  enables company-wide cooperation in the areas of sales, marketing, retail, and service. This helps you overcome inefficient inconsistencies between solutions and enrich your existing systems, e.g. with social media functions, geographic information or social collaboration. Numerous dashboards ease mobile access to all of your company's KPIs - and this in real time. 
Quick implementation, easy upgrades
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer shines with short implementation times and resource-sparing upgrades: Simple stand-alone SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer projects can be implemented in less than 12 weeks. System upgrades are performed four times a year and can be handled remotely. 
The solution offers you maximum data security and the highest performance. The data is stored in the 4-tier-based SAP computer center in St. Leon-Rot. 
Work with us to overcome your limits - and integrate marketing, commerce, service, and sales to create a seamless, personal customer experience.  
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Posted on July 18, 2016 and filed under Customer.