Mobile Store Check: Fish and Seafood Always Well-Presented

Anyone who likes to eat fish knows them: COSTA’s frozen products. According to a TNS Infratest study, the brand awareness of COSTA is 86% (source: TNX Infratest 2014). This value should climb even higher. But precisely in the freezer section, there are many offerings, for in addition to COSTA, there are numerous other providers of fish and seafood. 

Studies have shown that the customer usually decides on a product only at the point of sale (cf. Pflaum/Eisenmann/Linxweiler 2000, p. 137). Therefore, the products should be positioned appealingly in the supermarket and there must always be sufficient quantities on hand. For only optimized product lines generate more sales. To ensure this, COSTA employees check the point of sale offerings using the following criteria:  

-    In comparison to other freezer products, does the product have the space that it requires?
-    Does the product stand out for consumers, is it easily visible?
-    Are there sufficient quantities of the product on hand?
-    How many product variants are listed?

During the store check, the data is entered into the SAP Cloud for Customer system on the go and processed there. At the touch of a button, it is possible to generate historical comparison data. Thus the employee sees right away how the positioning has changed over the course of time, whether improvement is visible or whether measures should be taken.  

“The consumer usually makes his final purchase decision only at the point of sale. It is therefore important for us to check how are goods are presented in the supermarket. The store check has simplified many things. Manual processes now run automatically. The data is entered into the Cloud system on-site and it is available immediately for further evaluations. Therefore we can take measures immediately if the presentation and positioning of our products is not the way we want it,” explains Josef Winter, Director of IT/Organization at apetito AG.


Posted on October 12, 2016 .