Coop Bau+Hobby wins the Swiss E-Commerce Award 2015

We are proud that Coop and thus we as partner have won yesterday's E-Commerce Award. Sabrina Ermanni from Coop Bau+Hobby accepted four awards on Thursday June 10, 2015:   

  • 1st place for Bau+Hobby in the Multi-Channel & Logistics division 
  • 2nd place for Bau+Hobby in the Home & Living division
  • 2nd place for Bau+Hobby in the Newcomer division
  • 2nd place for Mondovino in the Body & Taste division

And Coop Bau+Hobby just missed the podium in a national comparison – the project won 4th place there. 


At the Swiss E-Commerce Awards, the best shops are selected by a 12-person jury. A total of 160 applications were received and Coop placed successfully in 5 of 13 categories. 


"Last year's two-time winner was able to present a new concept in a division that was previously regarded as not very online-friendly. Coop has succeeded in demonstrating with how it is possible to link successful multi-channel with clever logistics, and this in a sector with a product range that abounds with challenges.
Coop's home improvement store convinced the jury on several levels. On the one hand, the online shop won them over with clear user guidance and a tidy design. And that several order paths are possible is not evident at Coop

Bau+Hobby only when you reach the shopping cart. Already on the detail page the customer decides where and how he would like to have the items delivered or picked up. And this from screwdrivers to arbors.

Mixed shopping carts – one part delivered, one part picked up – are also possible without a problem and the items will then await the purchaser at the home improvement store. It's even easy to have wood cut through your browser – and the cut wood parts will be available to you when you arrive.
This year, the professional jury made test purchases and evaluated these in detail. And the offerings of Coop
Bau+Hobby were simply the best. We congratulate you on 1st place in the category Multi-channel & Logistics."

More highlights of the shop:

  • Availability at my store directly visible in the product detail
  • Store finder
  • Purchase buttons for pick-up and delivery directly visible in the product detail
  • Multi shopping cart for pick-up, delivery, and special delivery
  • Wood cutting
  • Assembly for home delivery for particular items (e.g. for grills)
  • Advisor pages
  • All actions at a glance and filter-capable
  • Content integration for categories and product details
  • Brand world
  • Trilingual
  • Responsive 

Discover the shop of Coop Bau+Hobby

For additional information about the project, please visit our Blog

Thank you very much and congratulations to our project team Riccardo, Martin, Uli, Urs, Michael, Christian, Simon, Daniel, Thomas and Fabian. 

Click here to see the list of winners. 

Posted on June 11, 2015 .