How data becomes emotions – movento at dmexco

“Signal in the noise” is the motto of SAP’s booth at dmexco. For in the great data rush, customers’ finer tones are lost - for you, the question is how can I take the step from data rush to individual addressing individual customers? At dmexco 2017, we will show you how you can identify your customers’ wishes in Big Data with SAP Hybris. Experience innovative scenarios and solutions that will help you answer the following questions:  

  • What does my customer need at precisely this moment and how can I address him appropriately and individually in real time?  
  • How can I incorporate my customer emotionally so that he won’t look any further and will compare products?  
  • How can I provide the perfect buying experience across all channels?

Our holistic approach for customer engagement and commerce offers you the opportunity to improve your customer’ buying experiences, increase customer loyalty, and develop your business for the long term. This will secure you a decisive competitive advantage so that you can stay ahead of the crowd in the digital age. Experience exciting live cases for commerce and marketing at our booth at dmexco.

You will find us in Hall 7, Booth C11 (SAP booth) and at booth C-21 with Spryker.

Posted on August 28, 2017 .