movento starts collaborating with Spryker

It addresses Online Pure Players and Category Leaders, that is, companies that do business exclusively online and who focus on a particular product category. As well as business models, which can be realized only with major adjustments.

Spryker offers a framework architecture whose features can be adapted quickly to the appropriate business model. This is a great advantage for fast-growing companies where things move fast and who move in a digital environment. It is not necessary to develop a complete platform from the ground up since the basis already exists. The Spryker solution supports customers, who develop by themselves and who want to be independent.

The company has existed since 2014; with the forerunners of Spryker, more than 100 e-commerce projects have been implemented with this solution. The company writes about itself: “Spryker is a new product, but draws on a lengthy e-commerce track record.”

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Posted on May 13, 2016 and filed under Commerce.