Redesign innogy eCharge App

innogy asked us to create a UI/UX concept and redesign their eCharge app. First we had to develop a feeling for how to drive an electric vehicle, for this world was completely new to us. To do this, we tested a BMW i8 and a Kia Soul EV and determined in the process that the app must fulfill a wide variety of requirements. We took on the role of the driver and asked ourselves:

  • How and where do you charge an electric vehicle?
  • How long can you drive, or rather, how long does the battery last?
  • Do you need to plan your route, and if so, how do you plan it?
  • What on-board functions can help me with this?

Die App mus sehr einfach zu bedienen sein, sodass der Nutzer überall und unkompliziert eine Ladestation findet, an der er sein Fahrzeug aufladen kann.

The app has to be very easy to use, so that the user is able to find a charging station for his vehicle easily and everywhere.

Functions and views eCharge-App

Functions and views eCharge-App

Interviews with drivers: User tests at innogy

In addition to our research, we surveyed e-mobilists and new drivers about their driving behavior and their handling of electric vehicles. With a paper prototyping and UX test, we analyzed how they use the app, what they expect from the charging function, and how they plan their routes. We used these insights for the additional development and confirmed our desire to rely on simplicity. The result is a user concept that we developed with innogy and our partner RealCore (technical implementation).

The customer experience cycle

Customer experience circle

Customer experience circle

Expandable app for various brands

The app is constructed in component-based fashion so that new functions can be added or removed without having the design and structure suffer. Furthermore, we were able to ensure that our partner RealCore could divide the development up into sprints and thus continually test individual results. Holger Riemenschneider (innogy, Director IKT Solutions, Electromobility), says: "…the innovative concept of the new eCharge app sets standards in the operating concept of eMobility apps.“

The color and call-to-action concept can be adapted for different brands and especially for white label solutions. Overall, the design has been kept simple and reduced.

eCharge-App after redesign

eCharge-App after redesign

Presentation of the app at CarTec

innogy presented the new eCharge app at eCarTec, the largest trade show for electro mobility. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones. We are pleased that we got to know the world of electric vehicles with innogy and that we were able to assist them with such an exciting project. And in particular, we were happy about the feedback from Dr. S. Teschler-Nunkesser (innogy, Project Management eCharge-App; IKT Solutions), because she called the cooperation with us easy and professional.

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