Customer Engagement and Commerce by movento

Experience in our Webinar how you can map the flows for your customers continuously in SAP hybris. Our specialists Reto Rutz, Thomas Herbert, and Fabian Saccilotto will demonstrate an SAP-ERP integration (customers, items, texts, and prices) live for the first time with the new SAP hybris CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) on the SAP hybris E-commerce platform.


With these networked platforms, all levels and touchpoints (ERP, E-commerce and E-business, mobile, CRM and marketing) can be digitalized completely, so that you can interact still better and more personally with your customers and their environment.

Special with Apple Watch: Thomas Herbert – Mobile Application Consultant – helps you look into the future. He will show you how you can use wearables on the sales force: Contact and route information from CRM on the Apple Watch with direct navigation via the mobile phone, as well as price negotiations directly at the customer's.

We have recorded the Webinar and it is available for you if you click this link.

Posted on May 26, 2015 .