The new e-shop for Coop Bau+Hobby

With the new online home improvement store, Coop is taking an important step into the multi-channel era: Thanks to the seamless connection of online and offline, the customers will be advised and served more expertly than ever before.

Delivery to your home

Purchase your products online and have them delivered to your home - heavy and bulky products, for example. Bau+Hobby is the first home improvement store to offer this service. 

Online reservation and pick-up in your store 

Use the online and offline possibilities at Bau+Hobby: Order your products online and then pick them up in our store. As soon as you have saved your local store in the shop, the system will show you the quantity available in your location.

Integration of editorial content 

Learn everything about your products thanks to additional helpful information. Thanks to the responsive design, you can shop on any of your devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone).

Bau+Hobby advisor 

Would you like to know which plants are suitable for you or how you can combat tiresome pests? Coop Bau+Hobby's new online advisor will give you valuable tips.

Services from Bau+Hobby now also online 

Profit from the many additional offers from the online home improvement store:

  • Analysis of pests
  • Picture-framing service
  • Floor-laying service
  • Potting service 
  • Soil analysis
  • Color mixing service
  • Financing service
  • "Bona" wood floor renovation
  • Wood and glass cutting
  • Cutting to size of insect screens and doors
  • Rental service for the "tuba clean" spray extractor
  • Lawnmower service
  • Assembly and delivery services 

Our services in this project:

  • Webshop development
  • Back-end implementation in CRM
  • Concept and architecture advising
  • Project management

Have a look for yourself:

Posted on July 8, 2014 .