Control and print labels centrally: With OPAL Labelmanagement directly from the SAP system

Among other things, the new EU directive for the labeling of foodstuffs requires extensive details about ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, and the minimum size of text on labels. Companies in the food industry are obligated to adapt their labels accordingly. This can require great effort – or it can be done very quickly – with OPAL Labelmanagement.

Together with OPAL, movento offers a solution that you can use to quickly change and flexibly adapt the labeling of foods. Its special features: You can print labels centrally, directly from SAP NetWeaver. A central management of the data and flows helps with the quick changing. The programming effort required is reduced greatly, printing processes are improved, and costs reduced. The independence from format and printer also creates more flexibility.

For you, the use of the integrated labeling solution means faster flows, optimized processes, and significantly greater efficiency. Therefore, the investment pays off quickly.

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Posted on May 14, 2014 .