Search engine optimization means visitor optimization

Once upon a time, search engine optimization was surrounded by a hint of esotericism: you could achieve a good ranking with simple tricks. However, these times are past: anyone who is planning a new Web project today cannot escape an overall design that includes the front-end and SEO view. This helps program better websites for people and search engines. 

Whether your website is successful depends on the following points:

Search engine optimization is a conceptual path that should accompany the project planning from the very start.

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Here are the most important tips:

HTML structure

The right HTML structure helps search engines index your content properly and weight important content portions accordingly. Use "H" tags for structuring!

Relevant topics

Search engines index the source text of your website. Can you tell what the relevant topics are in the source text of your website? Test your website with a text browser such as "Lynx" (

Describe pictures

Search engines cannot interpret image content. Therefore, describe each picture (also icons, buttons, etc.) in the Alt attribute of the "Img" tag as if you were explaining the picture to somebody who can't see.

The right keywords

Do the important keywords for your page appear in the visible content? Keep a list with the terms that are relevant for your site. Use this list when writing new texts, so that the keywords will be found by search engines such as google.

SEO analysis

Have you already invested in online advertising? A professional SEO analysis of your website can increase its success in the medium term and boost the credibility of your brand. 

Posted on April 28, 2014 .