movento's new design

Values can only be preserved through change.

Richard Löwenthal (1908-91), German-English publicist and political scientist We have changed for you:

We are pleased to share with you our new logo, a new Web presence, and services. 

The basic idea for the redesign: focus on the customer 

Now we have made each project page as specific as each of your projects. And we will work as personally and individually with each of your employees as with our own. Information will now be presented more intuitively and so that it is more user-friendly and emotional. Visit the new movento website with your iPad, Android phone or desktop computer.

movento's new logo

More modern, fresh, balanced – this is how the new movento logo should be. We have made the play icon of the original logo into an organic symbol. We made the font fuzzier and rounder, softer. The new green stands for balance and freshness, the anthracite with blue for consistency and reliability.

 Our new logo: a combination of consistent font and dynamic logo.

 Our new logo: a combination of consistent font and dynamic logo.

We will assist you with your online presence

For you we are pursuing the three mega trends omni-channel, Big Data, and globality, and we are directing our services accordingly. For our passion is creating digital solutions for an extremely sensitive and emotional market:

•    Systems for customer value relationship managment (xRM)
•    B2C/B2B E-business solutions
•    Omni-channel platforms
•    Customer loyalty programs
•    Mobile applications and cloud solutions
•    Design and usability concepts, strategy, and implementation
•    Business Intelligence, Big Data, reporting

Posted on January 24, 2014 .